Why do you own a business?

As someone who comes across many people in his day to day life who own businesses, I am intrigued as to the “why” factor.

Why do you own your business and what is it going to do for you?

This is where I start my conversations with people who do in fact own a business of their own. Why do I start here? Well simply put this is in fact the beginning.

We all have a reason to make a living – some make that living quite happily in paid employment and move from the relative security of one job to the relative security of another. Others of course work their way up the tree as it were to the decision making table and carve out strong careers in management and leadership roles.

Then there is me and you – we decide for whatever reason – there is no need for us to work for someone else and we take on the role of MD of our own business and brand.

Why oh why do we do this? The answer to this question is linked directly to the success you will have as a business owner. How can it be related – simply put – the clearer the reason why you are in business – the crystal clear goal you have set for self as a business owner – the closer you are to achieving it.

Clarity is king.

When you know right down deep inside of yourself what your reason for being is, you will then know what actions will take you towards that reason and what actions you will avoid as they will take you away from that goal.

Goal setting is for those of course who decide they deserve what they want from life.

Stay tuned for part two of this story when we move to – how to set your lifestyle goal clearly for you and your family.


Until then – Geoff McDonnell – here to help – gmcdonnell@be.com.au