Health & Wellness Franchising Opportunity


We use a uniquely designed set of robotic devices along with bio-feedback that safely emulates high-impact forces. It is a well-known principle of human physiology that the human musculoskeletal chain responds to heavy loading or high impact forces by growing new bone and muscle tissue. There is a mountain of clinical research supporting this.

We also see this with athletes that experience high-impact forces. In fact, one class of athletes that are pound-for-pound some of the strongest and most powerful athletes in the world are gymnasts. They have some of the densest bone and muscle tissues of anyone. This is because they regularly experience high impact force. But, as you probably know, the average retirement age for a gymnast is 19 years old. It’s not because they’re too old or getting weak; it’s because the high impact force of gymnastics is so hard on the joints. In fact, gymnasts often have some of the highest rates of hip and knee replacement surgeries of any athletes.

OsteoStrong is remarkable because it allows people of just about any age or fitness level to experience the benefits of high-impact forces on the body, but in much safer and controlled way. And because it only takes about 60 seconds of sweat-free effort, one day per week, it’s something that most people can easily do.