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Bruce Brammall Financial

Financial Planning & Insurance

Bruce Brammall Financial are your experts in financial advice. We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand your personal and business goals and taking a holistic approach to your finances to ensure the advice we provide suits your specific needs.

We are a full fee-for-service financial planning business, so you can be sure we are always acting in our clients’ best interests. We are also a full-offer financial planning business. We have expertise in insurance, share- and property-based investments (Bruce has written half a dozen books property investment and personal financial planning) and superannuation.

And, most importantly, we are experts in the vehicle that combines most elements into one – self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs), which can be a truly powerful investment vehicle for the right people.

We can help with strategies to protect assets, protecting you against almost all of what life is capable of throwing at you. Getting the structure right is the key to all financial strategies and ensures you and your assets are protected. If your business is big or small, we can assist with a range of options that mean you have control of how and where things go.

Acting in the best interest of our clients lies at the heart of our business and is our number one priority. We have assisted many clients to establish SMSFs and understand this structure very well, but will also advise when it is not the right structure for a client.

When SMSFs are the right option, we will help from start to finish with assisting setting up the structure, so you can enjoy the flexibility that comes with running your own fund.

Our investment approach is simple and is all about controlling what you can control. Don’t try to guess what the next ‘hot’ thing will be. Select an appropriate mix of assets in the right asset classes, that you are comfortable with, and let the markets do what they do best. In the long run, that disciplined approach pays off. We aim to keep investment fees low, so avoid most active managed funds. We believe index funds demonstrably adds value to client portfolios over years.

Whether it is ensuring there are funds available should the worst happen in your life, to your family or business partnerships, with our experience and knowledge, we conduct a thorough analysis and demonstrate potential weaknesses in your personal insurance portfolio. We have assisted clients to put the appropriate personal insurances in place and, over the years, have helped managed claims for our clients in their greatest time of need. Those benefits have allowed them to get back on their feet and ensure their recovery is free of money concerns. This can be the difference between an organised re-structure of your affairs or having to have a ‘fire sale’ and potentially the end of a good business.

When it comes to insurance, superannuation and investment, Bruce Brammall Financial is happy to share our expertise so that you can profit from our knowledge.