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Ensuring you Know

The big challenges of transforming your job into a business or moving your business from a half-million turnover business to a million-plus or from one million to several million in turnover occupy the hearts and minds of many business owners across the world.

The starting point for many of us is to seek out support from others who have either done it or who are looking to make the moves we are contemplating. This is a solid way to start.

As professional business consultants, my team and I focus at the start with you – the owner. We like to know why you started your business and what your desires are for it. We find this is the key to it all.

For us to help our clients, our starting point is to know what the end game looks like for them. For example, you may have a business that you are looking to build to sell, it may be to build to license or franchise, it may be to pass onto the next generation.

Whatever the reason, whatever the turnover target, whatever the plan, we find this out FIRST.

The Roadmap,
The Journey,
The Process,
The Delivery.

Once we know why, we then want to find out from you the detail of what is happening right now, how far along the process you feel you are. We ask about your markets, your clients, your team, your workflow, the challenges you face, the financials, the internal and the external impacts you have faced and the areas you have done well in and the ones you have found the hardest. We also delve deeply into the most basic of systems and process questions. We are looking to know how well you are supported from these.

The Circle
of Influence

We then look to see who you have in your circle of influence. This is vital for your success; we know that having the right team around you will help you reach the lifestyle goals you have set for you and your family.

As consultants, we work with clients for a time, sometimes a few years, in the end you will need others for the whole time you operate. Your accountant, your bookkeeper, your lawyer, your financial advisor and others will be required for the whole time. We like to see where you are with this and then help ensure over time you secure the right team.


Once we know the above detail, we are then able to provide you a solutions summary. This paper is designed to provide you a view on “What we would do if we were you”.

This paper is provided in several sections. What we heard you say to us, what we see, the basic research we have done on your industry, the steps we would take if we were you, the process we would follow to help you should you wish to engage us and the investment for us to be part of the team to secure the outcomes we agree on.

Up to this point, there are no fees, the process is required for us to determine if we can help and if we can, what the outcomes would be we can agree on.

Once we are Engaged to Secure the Outcomes

We agree to a schedule of works we will support with, a work in progress document is created and we work together in collaboration including face to face, online and via our document sharing hub to establish and achieve the outcomes we agreed upon.

The time together and the investment equal the outcomes in terms of value we are seeking to work with you to achieve. In the early stages, we may need to spend more time with you than we do later. It depends on the outcomes we are seeking the level of value we are provided.

Our Typical Client

There is no typical client. You are unique, you want different things to other business owners, you need different things from us and your support team.

Where To From Here?

If you feel you need to talk to someone about your plans, your goals, your business and you are unsure who to turn to; we are here to talk. We enjoy nothing more than to find out what you are trying to achieve and seeing if we may have a solution for you.

Call us today on 0434 690 275 to talk about your plans and we can see if we can support you in reaching your LIFESTYLE GOAL by having your business deliver to you and your family.

We look forward to hearing where you are looking to go and if we can support you in that journey.