Lokahi Wellness Foundation Franchise Opportunity

Lokahi Wellness Foundation

Join the Wellness Revolution

Complete complimentary therapies supporting physical, mental and emotional wellness under one roof.

The LōKAHI vision is big.

Our mission is to be the largest and most recognized wellness centre in Australia supporting every Australian on their health and wellness journey. Delivering a comprehensive range of complimentary therapies across the country with exceptional service, experience, community connection and range.

LōKAHI Wellness offers a complete complimentary therapy service to support physical, mental and emotional wellness under one roof. The first centre opened in 2018 and is the largest of its
kind in Australia.

The Australian wellness market was providing the ability for an individual to attend their selected therapy option but were limited by choice, location, other supportive therapies or availability. This created the perfect opportunity to house all complimentary therapies in one location, limiting the barriers to treatments and opening up more choice for those seeking support. Now is the time to make this available in more locations and service those seeking complimentary therapies to aid their health and wellness goals and needs.

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