At Business Essentials, our consultants are hand-picked experts in their fields who know how to get the most from your business. 

Angie Colliver

Franchise & Business Consultant

Providing solutions based business excellence empowering the business owner and its team to outshine its competitors


Employee Experience Consultant

Improving the employee experience in one small area, often has flow on effects throughout the whole organisation, and ultimately delivers improved customer satisfaction.

Loz Antonenko

Health Optimisation Advisor

Are you ready to escape the cycle of busyness and stress, to take your life to the next level of success? Let Lauren "Loz" Antonenko help you get your rear into gear so you can stop being average!

David Oliver

Marketing Strategy and Execution

Focusing on measurable, quantifiable and duplicatable results from customer engagement behaviours to improve your business results.

Jezey Wolf (nee Taylor)

Marketing Director

In the digital age, the era of the 24 hours news cycle and social media, you can no longer afford to sit in the bleachers, waiting to strike and hoping for the best. More than ever, you can't sell a secret.