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Claire Nettley

Coach, Speaker, Teacher & Facilitator

You put your heart and soul into your business. Put that same energy into your own growth and watch your business, family and relationships thrive.
Claire Nettley

Being an entrepreneur and running a business is hard work. You want to perform at your best and achieve great results while doing the right thing by your people AND most importantly, your family. And you want to do it all without burning out.

Hi there. I’m Claire. I’m a Coach, Teacher, Speaker & Facilitator. I help entrepreneurs and leaders have a positive impact in their lives, careers and relationships without burning out sacrificing themselves in the process.

Before becoming a Coach I spent over 20 years in the corporate world in advertising, entertainment, sport and non-profit. And I suffered burnout more times than I care to remember.

I loved my work but didn’t know how to set limits, work smart or find balance. And I often let my fear of not being good enough get the better of me. That fear caused me to over-work, over-commit and over-function at the expense of my (and sometimes others’) wellbeing. I let work rule my life and I suffered the consequences.

I learned that it’s possible to love what you do, work hard, get results, AND achieve balance. You can absolutely thrive doing what you love without sacrificing yourself or your family.

By working with me you’ll learn to:

  • Master your mind
  • Increase resilience and reduce stress & anxiety so you can perform at your best
  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Manage your emotions
  • Say no and set boundaries
  • Embrace rather than avoid conflict
  • Enjoy more confidence, influence and presence
“Being a leader requires you to show up at your best for your business. My role is to help you BE the person you need to be to achieve the results you desire in your personal and professional life. “