Our Consultants

Loz Antonenko

Health Optimisation Advisor

I am your resident Health Optimisation Advisor!  I will help you unlock yourself from the burden of burnout by teaching you how to improve your daily habits for optimised health, happiness and vitality.

After running an award-winning mobility and rehabilitation equipment business for over a decade, I felt morally challenged. With more and more of my clients neither identifying as someone with a disability, or senior, a growing percentage of my customers were middle-aged and experiencing health issues related to lifestyle choices. This led me to upgrade my knowledge in a quest to help these people empower themselves by shifting their lifestyle, one habit at a time.

As someone who has overcome an array of severe and chronic health conditions, the death of my first husband to suicide and domestic violence by a close family member, I know what’s it’s like to feel stuck. Overcoming these obstacles through my own lived experience led me to pursue study in the fields of health, fitness, mindfulness and holistic living.  I now teach what I have learnt to others; helping them integrate these principles into their lives to skyrocket their health and energy, and ultimately, their success in any part of their life.

I am a certified Personal Trainer, Life Coach, Meditation Instructor and Weight Loss & Wellness Specialist.  My mission is to teach others that they can move from stuck to unstoppable, and to realise any goal is possible.

My book, The Healthy Habit Handbook, provides a failsafe blueprint to mastering habits for health.  I host a podcast, The Healthy Habit Hotseat, in which I interview extraordinary humans and dive deep into the daily habits that have shaped their success.

Over the last 15 years of being in business, I have failed fast on many occasions and really feel this is a necessary part of long-term entrepreneurship. Although I would normally suggest that preparation is key to success, finding the thing you’re passionate about and creating an income stream from it is certainly a sure-fire way to prepare for success in business. Equally, prioritising self-care is essential to sustain the energy required for success in any part of one’s life. Exercise, sunlight, sleep, downtime with family and friends, quality nutrition, reading, self-development and breath work all form the fundamentals of quality self-care.  I will help you improve these areas of your life so they you can optimise your daily routines for sustainable performance.

My life goal is to inspire people to discover authentic joy, experience the beauty within, and to live as the best possible versions of themselves. If you’re ready to level up your life, I will have you firing on all cylinders with simple, realistic solutions to help you unlock the transformative power of healthy habits!

“Are you ready to escape the cycle of busy-ness and stress, to take your life to the next level of success? Let Lauren “Loz” Antonenko help you get your rear into gear so you can stop being average!”