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Marketing Strategy and Execution

Often businesses focus solely on brand-based marketing, and then wonder where all their customers are. My approach is to understand your business at a deeper level, identify the emotion that your service connects with, and focus on messaging that gets a level of direct engagement from your potential client, customer or patient.

Following 15 years in the Recreation and Leisure industry I moved on to becoming a direct response marketer and copywriter after training with industry experts. Then for over a decade I have worked with numerous small business owners to focus on the psychology behind customer buying decisions and how to create engaging, responsive and profitable marketing content.

Part of this process includes a full review of existing customer facing content including identification of improvements that can be made within the existing marketing structure for quick results. Then working in conjunction with the business owner, I uncover any additional unexploited advantages, and develop a plan around utilizing these to your greatest benefit.

In addition, I work extensively with franchised businesses and understand the challenges of supporting and working with franchisees to achieve a mutually beneficial result.

This includes both supporting existing franchisees through a BDM role and, working in the franchisee acquisition process to assist potential franchisees in the discovery process of the business they are looking to join.

Within this space I specialise in:

  • Developing optimized franchisee recruitment material to attract potential franchisees
  • Improving customer facing massaging, making it more engaging to the customer
  • Utilising little known direct response principals to increase responsiveness to marketing campaigns
  • Developing persuasive copy for websites, email sequences, video scripts, sales funnels, social media content and free reports (written with a sales function)
  • Engaging with potential franchisees and working with them through the discovery and onboarding process into a franchised business
  • Supporting the franchisee function within the franchise system which includes ensuring adherence the franchise process whilst encouraging desired profitable behaviors from the franchisees
“Focusing on measurable, quantifiable and duplicatable results from customer engagement behaviors to improve your business results.”