Our Consultants

Angie Colliver

Franchise & Business Consultant

Building the relationship with the business owner is key to understanding their goals and objectives.

Having worked in a commercial environment for over 20 years across a wide range of professional, retail and franchise businesses I identified an opportunity to provide personalised structured support to new and existing business owners in the SME sector.

This approach has enabled me to gain incredible knowledge and insight into the intrinsic workings of each business providing them with guidance and support to ensure ‘best practice’ is adopted, enabling the business to grow and achieve its goals more effectively. Part of the process involves an end-to-end high-level audit of existing systems and processes and identifying opportunities within the business to improve its workflows resulting in increased efficiencies, profitability and staff engagement. Building the relationship with the business owner is key to understanding their goals and objectives and the direct relationship with its ongoing success to achieve these.

In additional to this I work extensively with franchise businesses to support franchisors in a BDM support role.  This involves working very closely with the franchisor and the franchisees to understand and provide support around the challenges they face in running a new/existing business and gaining the confidence they need to successfully run their business. It also involves continuous improvement analysis to ensure the successful evolvement of the brand over time to ensure they are leveraging potential opportunities presented from the ever changing outside economic environment.

I have been providing this structured support to businesses for over 20 years across Australia and around the world.

Within this space I specialise in:

  • Supporting, engaging and educating franchisees within a franchise system around compliance and reporting whilst working towards profitability
  • Franchise and business audits to identify opportunities for achieving ‘best practice’
  • Due diligence processes as part of doing the deep dive in understanding where a business is currently positioned
  • Providing support to business owners around cashflow management, budgets and modelling
  • Solution focused mantra ‘SOAR’ Solution Ownership Accountability Responsibility to empower business owners to succeed
“My focus is on Solutions based business excellence empowering the business owner and its team to outshine its competitors.”