The 70 / 30 rule – a quick reminder

PLAN AS WELL AS DO – 70 ON DO AND 30 ON PLAN The rule of 70/30 is one of our most important Business Essentials. It focuses in on the need for us as business people to spend 70 per cent of our time on the today activities and 30 per cent on the tomorrow […]

Why do you own a business?

As someone who comes across many people in his day to day life who own businesses, I am intrigued as to the “why” factor. Why do you own your business and what is it going to do for you? This is where I start my conversations with people who do in fact own a business […]

Consulting breakthroughs

I was consulting today with a key client of ours – the focus of the attention was on moving them from one long held position to another. This process – when you are dealing with long held beliefs – is often times challenging. The breakthrough came when the owners could see that the proving ground […]

Am I really in business for myself?

When looking at your business, perspective is your frame of reference. Your business is not life and death Your business will not live or die based on the amount of time you dedicate to it. Your business will not kiss you goodnight, tuck in your children at night or kick the winning goal for your […]