Manage or lead – your customer

Business Essentials number 1891 #1891  Conversation, interaction, where to begin – Business Essentials that separate the good from the great. I find in dealing with a wide range of people, that many of them – when they grasp the understanding between leading and managing – they not only change the way they interact with their […]

Business is all in the planning

IT IS ALL IN THE PLANNING – I KNOW – BORING!!! Setting out to deliver a product or service and then delivering that service to the market – put simply – is why any business exists. Now you may have some other reasons for being in business however fundamentally your business exists to serve a […]

The 70 / 30 rule – a quick reminder

PLAN AS WELL AS DO – 70 ON DO AND 30 ON PLAN The rule of 70/30 is one of our most important Business Essentials. It focuses in on the need for us as business people to spend 70 per cent of our time on the today activities and 30 per cent on the tomorrow […]