Promises made

Did you keep your promises to yourself in 2022? If you did – how? If you did not – why not?   You deserve to be first in line…


Distraction from what you want to achieve is all around us – distraction comes in all forms – watch for it, be aware of it, don’t allow it to slow you down or move you from your plan. The actions you take, no matter how small they may seem are set for you to follow. […]

Business Essentials – real people engagement

This morning I was talking to a staff member of an organisation we consult to. The staff member reminded me how important it is for them to be well considered and that we provide them the detail they need to make the decisions we ask them to make. Point well taken!

Authenticity – a business principle #19416

Authenticity in business – The key to any lifetime of a business is for the owners to be genuine and authentic. For you to have people want to spend their commercial (and some personal) time with you and your business, these days people stay where the owner is an authentic individual. How to be authentic […]