Do business the way you intend to do business #140416

Yesterday I was with a client and we were discussing a potential acquisition target. The acquisition target is a friend who is leaving the industry. The opportunity to take on a range of new clients in this service based business is attractive and the potential scale it could create is significant. During the conversation we […]

The real reason you own your business and what it will deliver to you

When you take any action on any give day – where is it taking you? Asking yourself this question often and genuinely will give you a real sense of the purpose you are working towards. Without a purpose, your business will find it difficult to grow into what you set out for it to be […]

Business Essentials #120416 – Surrounding yourself

Good morning Who you allow to be part of your day each and every day can determine for the most part how successful your business life will become. What actions you choose to undertake each day will determine how successful your business life will become. So how do you choose who to surround yourself with […]

Measurements through the ages

Different measures for different stages of your business – Business Essentials 50 I attended a multi-unit event on Thursday last week in Sydney. There were a lot of take outs and reminders and I thought I would share this one with you today. Many business owners who we come into contact with in the first […]