Business Essentials #120416 – Surrounding yourself

Good morning Who you allow to be part of your day each and every day can determine for the most part how successful your business life will become. What actions you choose to undertake each day will determine how successful your business life will become. So how do you choose who to surround yourself with […]

Anchoring your actions to your strategy

Being in business moves past the one time chance – the one tie contract that gets you going. When you then employ your first person – then your second and then your third – you are into it. You are responsible. Once you are at this point – the decision you then make is – […]

Getting it done

Action is underrated – in your business to take action you first must understand the milestone it relates to. For examples – if you are looking to build a client base – every single little action you take – every single little communication you implement – must take you towards this outcome. I have many […]