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There should be a consulting practice you can join that is dedicated to the development of Australian businesses regardless of the size of the business & where you can grow your own practice into something of real value for your family as a business consultant or coach……Geoff McDonnell – Owner – Business Essentials

Well now there is.

Welcome to Business Essentials, where we are now offering a selected number of franchises to the Australian marketplace for business consultants and coaches looking for a home and a structure. It has been some time in the making and we are now ready to offer this unique business opportunity to the consulting market.

What is on offer?

  1. Initially, six franchise licenses in the first tranche on the Eastern Seaboard of Australia.
  2. Full coaching in the Business Essentials Way – our refined process of marketing your services, securing your client base and maximising your ability in front of your clients. (we specialise in long term consulting contracts that provide stability and value to your consulting practice.
  3. Access to an extensive network of high calibre associates who can provide you with the right support for complementary services in marketing, legal, accounting, human resourcing, administration, insurances to name a few.
  4. Extensive Personal mentoring from Geoff McDonnell – owner and director of Business Essentials – Geoff has built his practice in the same way he will teach and guide you through the development of your own practice. This personal business development support will become Geoff’s focus of attention so you will not be competing for his attention. The franchisees will become the new client roster for Geoff in FY2017.
  5. Full access to the sponsorships Business Essentials has created – currently the main element of the sponsorship strategy is the naming rights platinum sponsorship of the Franchise Council of Australia National Convention. This is the third year Business Essentials has taken this strong leadership position at this key industry event.
  6. Complete set of intellectual property for use in consulting and coaching. This set of tools stands out from the market in our use of diagnostics, education coaching for CEO’s & boards of directors through to all types of businesses at all scales. This is practical used material developed over a decade of consulting as well as nearly two decades of corporate and commercial business experiences. Geoff McDonnell has worked for and with some of the most recognisable names in Australian business as well as many names that you will never hear of. The testing of this material and set of tools has been deliberate, lengthily and gruelling – all ensuring that what you access and put to use in your Business Essentials franchise secures results for your clients.

If you are an existing business consultant, business coach or someone who has extensive business leadership and management experience and are looking to position your existing practice – under a strong, meaningful brand – alongside a highly credentialed business partner – where you can establish a value for you and your family – then this may be the opportunity you have been looking for.

If this is you and you live in either Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane – we encourage you to register your interest below and Geoff McDonnell will be in personal touch with you to establish if what you are looking for in a franchise and a business relationship matches the values and offering established at Business Essentials.

We would welcome the time to talk to you further about this unique opportunity. 

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