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Does it really matter – no-one is watching

Whatever you decide to do – if no-one is watching it matters more. I watch on at the impact of inaction and delay.

The action you take today compounds to tomorrow and the next day. The rolling of one action with the next and the next all come together to build the outcome you set out for.

Delivering outcomes for your business starts with the end in mind and then is a series of actions. Building blocks, activity, whatever you would like to call it.

Actions are the key. Clearly connected to the outcome you set out to reach. Broken down, little by little, the Business Essentials come together to build out your desired result.

It is simple and not easy. One action then the next then the next. That is how you do it – yes – especially when no-one is watching.

But only if it really matters to you……







Business is all in the planning


Setting out to deliver a product or service and then delivering that service to the market – put simply – is why any business exists.

Now you may have some other reasons for being in business however fundamentally your business exists to serve a market need or want.

No matter what business we work with, not matter what the owners intention, the key to making this work and delivering on the service is still in the planning.

Planning gives you a roadmap, it gives you the direction and guidance you are looking for and it gives you the ability to know what a good and bad day looks like based on your plan.

Planning is not always about certain things in certain times – chronology is often used – however the achievement of the action is the key, not the time it takes.

Setting aside planning time when it suits you is vital also. Set the time aside and in the location you decide when it is best for you. We all have different times of the day when we are most effective, use the time of the day when you are at your best to plan.

This is one of the key Business Essentials in my view – I continue to see it in all my consulting, when the planning is solid and habitual, the business evolves.

Enjoy the journey